2016 President’s Report

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November 8, 2016

2016 President’s Report

Several positive developments occurred within our association and across the local baseball community in 2016. Gordon Head Baseball is fortunate to have an extremely committed and competent group of volunteers made up of this board, parents, coaches, players, the Greater Victoria Baseball Association and many others that give selflessly of their time, resources, and effort to support us. Without the important contributions from these people, we simply would not be able to deliver the high level of programming that our membership and surrounding community has come to expect from us and enjoy over the years.

We were also very fortunate this past year to receive significant financial contributions from several local businesses, as well as the Provincial Government and the Municipality of Saanich. These funds allow us to keep registration fees as low as possible for families within our organization while continuing to offer a high level of service combined with best-in-class facilities for our membership and their families to enjoy. You can view the businesses that support us by looking at the signage around our field, or by visiting our new website, www.gordonheadbaseball.ca.

As you can no doubt see, running our programs and maintaining our facilities requires contributions on many fronts. It’s a pleasure in preparing for our Annual General Meeting to review what these efforts and contributions have yielded for our membership and their families.

Myself, the board of directors, and our membership would like to say a big thank-you to all of those that have supported us in 2016. We look forward to your continued support as we begin our planning for the 2017 season.

On a personal note, I would like thank our Board of Directors for the confidence and support that they have given to me this past year. This was my first year as the President and collectively, this group of people made my job a lot easier and more enjoyable. THANK YOU. Finally, our Executive Board has worked tirelessly for our association and deserves some special thanks and mention for some excellent accomplishments this year.

Thank-you to Glen Brown, V.P. Player and Coach Development for leading the build of a fantastic player and coach development program with Triple A coaches, and helping us cost out our other programs. Glen will not be returning to the board next year unfortunately, but his efforts will live on as he’s left us some blueprints for his programs among many other lasting contributions. Glen will be missed as he has been a significant contributor on many fronts to running our programs over the years.

Thank-you to Pam DeVooght, V.P. of Operations, for leading the charge to get our new website operational, planning opening ceremonies, coordinating a division, and for several other smaller initiatives that when combined, made a large and very positive impact. I hope to have Pam back on the board next year as she has many good initiatives and the desire to continue to improve our association.

Thank-you to Alex Raiche, Treasurer, for successfully increasing our Provincial gaming grant funds and keeping our books in order. Having done this position in the past, I can safely say that many hours are spent maintaining our organization’s books and accounts. Alex also oversaw significant growth in our Men’s division which he coordinates.

Thank-you to Sheri Yager, Secretary, for many years of service to our Board and contributions that have been made across many fronts that will benefit us for many years. Sheri has worked tirelessly to make sure that our Association’s filings and affairs are in order and that minutes from all our meetings are accurate and distributed. Sheri has also volunteered her time at the GVBA table on behalf of our association when she was not coordinating one of our many division programs in the spring, or helping run our fall ball program, or contributing somewhere else. Sheri will be taking a well-deserved break from the board next year and we will miss her contributions and her passion for our association. I am hoping that she returns one day.

Thank-you to Barry Whelan, Umpire-In-Chief, for managing all our umpires and coordinating their schedules, training, payments, and handling any other issues that arose. Barry is very generous with his time and energy for our association as board member, but also as a parent volunteer and a coach. We are very pleased that Barry would like to return to the board next year.

Thank-you to Byron Postle, Registrar, for managing our registration process for many, many years, and taking the initiative to develop it and host the website. Byron has contributed on many fronts over the years, having served the board in various capacities, as well as volunteering as a coach and a parent. Byron will be stepping down this year. We are sad to see him go as his efforts will be missed.

Thank-you to Martin Winstanley, High Performance Chair, for fostering a strong relationship between the Eagles program and our association. The Eagles program has made many contributions to the running of our park and provides a great home for those in our association seeking more competitive baseball. Martin has built a strong team to operate the program with the goal of developing solid baseball players of good character that are grounded in the values that our organization believes in and have future opportunities in baseball. I look forward to seeing his continued progress on this front.

Thank-you to Ted Austin, Field and Grounds Coordinator, for meeting with Saanich to coordinate and lead many significant improvements to our facilities, most notably the replacement of the Mosquito fence and a major repair to our batting cage. We were fortunate to have Ted join us from Lakehill Baseball this year. Dave Garton and Cindy Kent joined the board this year and have been invaluable contributor in many areas.

Thank-You also to all our division coordinators and directors. You are the key to running many of our teams, and I think that I speak for our whole membership when I express my sincere gratitude for your hard work. You are main contact point with our membership and the faces of our association.

I look forward to the opportunity to serve the GHLP board for another year if so elected.




Stephen Gaskin