This year we are introducing a $10 per player Facility Fee across all divisions as part of our overall registration cost. Our baseball program registration fees will remain unchanged, despite cost increases that we face.

While we strive to keep the cost of playing baseball at Gordon Head as low as possible, we are required to balance cost considerations with our membership’s desire to have high quality, well maintained, and clean facilities to enjoy. To this point, we have relied heavily on the contributions of our member volunteers and parents to strike a balance between keeping costs low and having well maintained facilities and equipment. In recent years, however, we have noticed that fewer people have been willing to volunteer their time at the park for one reason or another, despite our registration numbers continuing to increase and creating a greater need for volunteer contributions. Unfortunately, we now find ourselves in a position where our current group of volunteers is struggling to maintain the quality of service that our membership has become accustomed to. As these people already work very hard for our organization, it would simply be unfair to ask more of them.

This comes at us at a time when governments at various levels are scrutinizing their budgets, and in many cases, reducing the amount of funding that they offer to programs like ours. As we face these continued pressures, we simply cannot maintain the status quo any longer. Accordingly, the Board of Directors decided to initiate a $10 per player Facility Fee this year to allow us to pay for cleaning and maintenance services around park to reduce the load on our volunteers and to budget for future capital expenditures and planned maintenance at our park. Our hope is that the proceeds of the Facility Fee can remain within our membership by hiring player or parent members to help us clean and maintain our field, but outside contractors will be sought if we cannot find player or parent members to hire.

We will review the Facility Fee on an annual basis. Our hope is that more people will volunteer at our park and that we will be able to reduce, or even eliminate the Facility Fee in the coming years with the support of our membership.