Gordon Head Baseball at Lambrick Park provides a comprehensive baseball program for players from various age groups, in eight separate divisions – 5U (Blastball)7U (T-Ball)9U (Novice)11U (Mosquito), 13U (Pee Wee)15U (Bantam), 18U (Midget) and SIBL (South Island Baseball League) – with players grouped according to age. We also offer the Challenger Program for youth with cognitive or physical disabilities.

Our program has three distinct playing seasons, depending on player age and ability:

  • Spring (April to June) – for recreational and developmental baseball at the 5U Blastball, 7U T-ball and 9U Novice levels and for competitive city-wide house ball at the 11U Mosquito, 13U Pee Wee, 15U Bantam,18U Midget, SIBL and Challenger levels.
  • Summer (July and August) – for All-Star competitive baseball at the 11U Mosquito, 13U Pee Wee, 15U Bantam and 18U Midget level; and
  • Fall (September and October) – for single level, recreational house ball for 9U Novice to 15U Bantam and Challenger


Yes, we have been known to take children as young as 3 into Blastball as long as we feel they are ready. They would just remain in Blastball for more than the one year.

Yes. It is preferred that everyone attends assessments, but it is not a requirement. Players will be placed on a team based on the best information that can be gathered from previous years if they do not attend.

Yes, children are required to live in our defined catchment area. In special situations players are permitted to play 'out of catchment' but only with a letter of release from the President of the BC Minor Park in whose catchment the player resides.

The general scheduling information is on the division page. Once the schedule is set for all teams, you can find the information on that divisions calendar.

You can apply for funding on behalf of your child/children through

Canadian Tire Jumpstart Program, Athletics4Kids and KidsPlay Registration Assistance through BC Baseball.

The dates are fixed and the player's birthdate determines their division. No one plays up (or down) without good cause. The Division coordinators and Executive can take the request to GVBA who will then take it to BC Baseball for approval. The decision to move a player up is contingent on the available space and on the player’s ability. You would need to forward a request in writing (email) to the President of GHBA, and your division coordinator who will then take it through the approval process.

GHBA tries to take all kids who register, even late registrations, but unfortunately that is not always possible. If they don't have enough children in a division to make up a new full team, and all the teams created are already at maximum enrollment, then the latest registrants may not be accepted.