Umpires are Always Needed!

If you are interested in umpiring for the upcoming season, the clinic schedule is available at:

Umpire Clinic Schedule

Minimum suggested age to start umpiring is 12 years old.

Please register and and pay your membership/clinic fees with the BCBUA. Fees will be reimbursed by GHLPBA after 5 games have been umpired at GHLPBA home parks.

Umpiring FAQ

Yes, and if you have taken the Level 1 clinic and didn't take Level 2 and wish to umpire Pee Wee, you must attend the full day clinic, which is a review of Level 1 and a open book exam for the Level 2 part and a practicum out on the field.

The umpire must be older than the division he or she is umpiring – so, for example, a player in the 13U division can umpire games in the 11U division, but a player in the 11U division cannot umpire in that division.

Yes, there most definitely is a dress code:

Plate umpires:

  • Large navy or light blue golf shirt with the crest from the clinic ironed or sewn on the left breast pocket – large enough for the padded gear to go underneath regular size for the base umpire.
  • Navy blue or black baggy pants – baggy enough around the leg for the gear to go under the pants. Normal pant leg for the base umpire.

Base umpires:

  • Regular-size navy or light blue golf shirt with the crest from the clinic ironed or sewn on the left breast pocket
  • Regular-sized navy blue or black trousers

NOTE: No sweat pants with white line down the sides or baseball pants.
Hats are available for purchase for each umpire for a small fee. All umpire shirts and pants are available for purchase from Eric Rasmussen.

The plate umpire needs a ball bag capable of holding at least 4 baseballs, a plate brush and indicator. This year the kit is available for a fee at the clinics.
Base umpires are required to have a indicator. Cleats must be worn by both plate umpire and base umpire: no running shoes are allowed.

Your Umpire-in-Chief (UIC) of the park this season is Scott E: email him your availability with the following information:

  • Parents' email address
  • Your games schedule if you are playing and your time away.
  • Your cellphone #, in case another umpire doesn't show or is sick.

The UIC co-ordinates your position, be it plate or base, and will inform you in advance so there is no confusion at the park.


If you are interested in becoming an Umpire please contact the Umpire in Chief at GHLPBA