Volunteer Role Descriptions

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Swap ‘n’ Shop Coordinator:

Oversee the Swap ‘n’ Shop at opening ceremonies and assist with posting any donated items on our Swap ‘n’ Shop webpage. All monies raised from donated items goes back to the club.

Uniform Coordinator (in training):

Working with the current coordinator to coordinate the uniform order for the Spring and Fall seasons. Most of this work should be done in the ‘off season’ December/January and July. At season time work with the uniform assistants to distribute the uniforms to all teams and assist with any last-minute sizing requests.

Uniform Assistants:

Working with the Uniform Coordinator, assist in getting all the uniform bins to each team. If there are any additional sizing request, work with the other uniform assistants and uniform coordinator to locate the needed size. Once the uniforms have been handed out, ensure the bins are returned to the Coordinator.

Fall Uniform Assistant:

The Fall Uniform Assistant will work with the uniform coordinator to make sure all fall teams are outfitted for the fall season.

Uniform Parent:

The Uniform Parent will work with the coordination and coaches to ensure all players receive a uniform for the upcoming season.

Opening Ceremonies:

Set Up: assisting in the set up of the park in preparation for our opening ceremonies.

Divisions: Assist the coaches in gathering the players and organizing them for photos and their entrance onto the field after photos for the ceremonies.

Swap ‘n’ Shop Sellers: Set up and man the Swap ‘n’ Shop booth during the opening ceremonies. All funds raised go back to the park.

Fence Raising and Take Down:

Both the 9U (novice) and 13U (PeeWee) fence on the upper field needs to be raised prior to the season and then taken down in late June. This is best for physically fit parents as lifting fence panels and post are required. If you have a metal detector (or know someone who does) please contact vpoperations@gordonheadbaseball.ca as we need to locate all of the post supports prior to the fence raising.

Photo Coordinator:

Once the club received the team photos you will work with your division coaches to get all the photos to the players.

Social Media:

Social Media Coordinator: work with the providers to get them set up on IG and FB and to promote/share park/city wide events as well as fun baseball posts.

Social Media Content Provider (2 per Div): help keep our social media active by posting a photo or 2 at every game and practice.

First Aid Coordinator:

Working with the equipment coordinator make sure that each equipment bag has a full first aid kit. Also maintain the first aid kits at each field.

Refundable Bottle Coordinator:

Oversee the collection/storage/sorting of refundable bottles from the park. This includes working with the bottle collector for suggested pick up schedule through out the month and where the bottles will be stored. Schedule a time and location for the Bottle Sorters to get together and sort all the bottles that were collected over the month and take them to the bottle depot.

Refundable Bottle Collector:

Twice a week visit Joe Stephenson Field and Wilf Saddler field to collect all refundable beverage containers collected and deliver them to the storage area.

Refundable Bottle Sorter:

Near months end get together with the other bottle sorters to organize all the refundable containers that have been collected at the park over the month.

9U Field Maintenance :

Organize the equipment room. Request any supplies or equipment needed or missing. Litter cleanup around field and spectator area.

11u Field Maintenance:

Mowing the infield. Get bags of chalk from JSF. Responsible for Scoreboard light replacement. Fill holes in the field. Add extra dirt on mounds when needed. Litter cleanup around field and spectator area.

13u Field Maintenance:

Scoreboard light replacement. Fill holes in the field as needed. Add extra dirt on mounds when needed. Litter cleanup around field and spectator area.

Be a Volunteer at Gordon Head Baseball. Our league survives through the hard work and dedication of many volunteers.
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